Baked Eggplant Fries

Recipes | April 13, 2017

These easy to make baked eggplant fries are really crispy and delicious. Coated in Beanitos with a few limited ingredients for a healthy alternative.

Smoky Bacon Jam Dip

Recipes | February 22, 2017

Make a batch of this sweet and savory bacon jam to have now and later. Bacon jam pairs wonderfully with our Honey Chipotle BBQ bean chips and cheese.

Gochujang Beer Cheese Dip

Recipes | February 4, 2017

We've been hearing Gochujang is the new Sriracha so we decided to create a Korean-inspired beer cheese dip feature this red chili fermented paste! The beer cheese dip would be great to serve at any event.

Walnut, Ricotta and Pear Crostini Recipe

Recipes | January 26, 2017

In need of food party ideas? Here's one! Serve this walnut, ricotta and pear crostini recipe to your guests.

Italian Hoagie Dip

Recipes | January 23, 2017

Share this Italian hoagie dip with your friends and family during a gathering! It's a classic twist on the Italian hoagie sandwich but served with our Beanitos bean chips for that extra crunch.

Thai Coconut Curry Dip

Recipes | January 20, 2017

A creamy Thai-inspired hummus recipe loaded with coconut and curry flavor! Serve with Beanitos bean chips and veggies to dip with.

Mediterranean Salad with Pepperoncini Dressing

Recipes | January 16, 2017

For a light lunch that fuels you and keeps your hungry at bay, try this quinoa Mediterranean salad with pepperoncini sauce. This recipe is packed with tons of protein and fiber.

Turmeric Sweet Potato Hummus

Recipes | January 14, 2017

In this dip recipe, the spice turmeric adds depth to the combination of sweet potatos and white beans. Not only that, but turmeric is well-known for its powerful anti-inflammatory efforts and strong antioxidant.
kimchi tofu nachos

Kimchi Nachos with Tofu

Recipes | January 13, 2017

This kimchi recipe takes a Korean classic kimchi and a Mexican classic nachos and combines them together for a nacho average snack!

BBQ Chicken Nachos Recipe

Recipes | January 3, 2017

An easy and crowd pleasing BBQ chicken nacho recipe that you can put together in 20 minutes. Pile high with pineapples, chicken, onion, cheese and jalapenos until your heart is content!

Minted Mashed Pea Dip

Recipes | January 2, 2017

Whip up a fresh take on mashed peas by adding mint! This fresh and light dip recipe goes great with any of our lightly-salted bean chips.

Chicken Apple Salad Nachos Recipe

Recipes | December 28, 2016

Swap a chicken salad sandwich with a healthier verison by using Beanitos bean chips. Scoop this chicken salad with apples recipe with your favorite bean chip flavor!

Ethiopian Black Eyed Pea Dip

Recipes | December 27, 2016

A black eyed pea dip that featured the classic Berbere flavors of Ethiopia! Try this spicy vegan recipe now.

Arugula Goat Cheese Salad Crostini

Recipes | December 20, 2016

Take your hors d'oeuvre game up a notch by making this radish goat cheese salad crostini! A tangy, creamy cheese mixture paired with peppery, crisp radishes, these one biters apps are definitely fun to eat.

Superfood Healthy 7 Layer Dip

Recipes | December 20, 2016

A superfood dip paired with a superfood chip. This healthy, vegan 7 layer dip includes sweet potatoes, goji berries, flax seeds, chia seeds and more!