Healthy, Gluten-free Snacks to Bring to a Picnic

Lifestyle Tips | May 23, 2017


April flowers have brought May flowers, so it’s officially picnic season! What better way to get out and enjoy some fresh air, company, and yummy food than a picnic? Here are some ideas for healthy snacks we found essential to pack in your basket for a day spent at your favorite outdoor spot.

  • Fresh fruit: I don’t think anything screams picnic more than some sliced watermelon or cold grapes. Easy to bring along and refreshing on a warm day, fruit is a go-to spring snack to satisfy your sweet tooth without going crazy. With that being said, some fruits are higher in sugar content than others so we recommend trying to stick to those low in fructose like berries, cantaloupe, clementines, or kiwi if you’re feeling tropical.
  • Nuts: Packed with nutrients, minerals, and healthy fats that promote weight loss and incur other health benefits, nuts are a great snack to satisfy your appetite. Though full of protein, watch your portion size because they’re relatively high in calories and should only be eaten in moderation. Some of our favorites include almonds, cashews, and pistachios!
  • Bean chips (duh): Like some of the other snacks mentioned, our bean chips are a great source of protein and fiber. Made with wholesome, minimal ingredients, they allow you to snack without sacrificing taste. Not to mention the chips are non-GMO verified and gluten free.
  • Sliced veggies with hummus: Hummus, made of chickpeas and olive oil, serves as a great dip to go with raw veggies instead of ranch. There are so many options when choosing what to pair with it such as carrots, sugar snap peas, sliced cucumber or zucchini, cherry tomatoes, broccoli or cauliflower florets. And you can even swap out the veggies with Beanitos for extra crunch.